Philly ETE 2015

10 Years of Connection. Collaboration. Community.

April 7 - 8, 2015
Philadelphia, PA

Connection. Collaboration. Community.

Entering its 10th year, the Emerging Technologies Conference has brought the leaders of the open source community to Philadelphia to teach about their projects, their work and how these technologies are changing software development. During this time, ETE has become one of the largest gatherings of developers in the mid-Atlantic.

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Keynote Speakers

Tom Igoe

Tom Igoe

Co-founder of Arduino

Tom Igoe is an Associate Arts Professor at NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP). He is a co-founder of Arduino, an open source microcontroller environment built for non-technicians. …more

Dave Thomas

Dave Thomas

Co-author of The Pragmatic Programmer

Dave has written a number of books, including The Pragmatic Programmer, Programming Ruby, Agile Web Development withRails, and most recently Programming  Elixir. …more

Our Speakers

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