GC Tuning Confessions Of A Performance Engineer

Performance tuning is a methodical and an iterative process. It is imperative to have a performance plan coexist with a product development plan. A performance plan not only serves to document the requirements but also feeds into designing the performance experiments and helps in providing a clear understanding of the performance infrastructural needs.

As a JVM/GC performance engineer – I always ask pertinent questions such as – what are performance expectations of the product by the stakeholders? what are the important metrics?, what are the tuning goals?, etc. and then I discuss tradeoffs and finally establish tuning goals.

During this session, I will discuss these questions, tradeoffs and goals and I will also talk about my experience with three garbage collectors in OpenJDK’s HotSpot JVM – Parallel Old, CMS and G1 and compare and contrast them.

Monica’s talk is now available on the Chariot Solutions site.

Location: Salon B Date: April 8, 2015 Time: 2:45 pm - 3:45 pm Monica Beckwith Monica Beckwith