Helena Edelson Helena Edelson
Senior Engineer, Analytics @ DataStax; Spark Cassandra Connector committer

Helena is a committer on several open source projects including Akka (Akka Cluster), Apache Spark, the Spark Cassandra Connector, Spring Integration and Spring AMQP. She has been a Senior Software Engineer, Senior Cloud Engineer, Principal Engineer and Architect over the last 15 years. Her primary academic background is in science, specifically biology, where her studies of energy pathways in large-scale dynamic systems and biological system modeling led her to tech. For the last several Helena has been working in big data in the domains of cyber security and technology, and in Scala for 6 years. She is currently a Senior Engineer on the Analytics team at DataStax, working with Apache Spark, Cassandra, Kafka, Scala and Akka. Most recently she has been a speaker at international Big Data and Scala conferences including Strata, Spark Summit, Scala Days and Code Neuro.

Helena’s talk is now available on the Chariot Solutions site.