Jan Machacek Jan Machaček
CTO Cake Solutions

Jan Machacek is a passionate technologist with hands-on experience with the practical aspects of software delivery (architecture, quality, CI, CD); the project management approaches (applying the principles of agile project management); mentoring and motivating the engineering and business teams. He shares his expertise and passion for software as the editor of the Open Source Journal, regularly contributes to open source projects and speaks at conferences in the UK and abroad.Jan is the author of many open source projects (various Typesafe Activators, Reactive Monitor, Akka Patterns, Akka Extras, Scalad, Specs2 Spring and others), books and articles.

Jan always wants to hear about interesting projects, events, and hackathons! He’s keen to share his expertise at conferences, user groups, or simply over a drink or two. If you have something to suggest or share, get in touch!

Jan’s talk is now available on the Chariot Solutions site.