Rick Nucci Rick Nucci
co-founder & CEO, Guru

Rick has been an entrepreneur in the Philadelphia area since 1999. Rick is currently the co-founder & CEO of Guru, which provides knowledge sharing for teams. Based on a new concept known as Ambient Knowledge, Guru is built into apps such as email, allowing teams to access trusted knowledge to share with their customers all in one place.

Prior to Guru Rick was the Founder and CTO of Boomi, which defined and led a new segment as the industry’s first cloud integration platform-as-a-service. Boomi was acquired by Dell in 2010, where Rick went on to run the Boomi business for Dell, helping grow the organization into the industry leader it is today.

Rick is currently the president of Philly Startup Leaders, one of the most active entrepreneur groups in Philadelphia. He also frequently speaks at industry events on topics of entrepreneurship, API’s and cloud computing.