Ritchie S. King Ritchie S. King
author of Visual Storytelling with D3

Ritchie is a visual journalist at FiveThirtyEight, meaning that he builds interactive data visualizations (mostly with D3), makes and edits charts for the site, and does some reporting and writing here and there. He also makes tools that other members of the newsroom can use to, say, create their own charts. Before FiveThirtyEight, he worked at Quartz, Bloomberg Businessweek, and The New York Times.

Ritchie is the author of Visual Storytelling with D3, a book that both introduces JavaScript’s excellent D3 library and touches on how to turn data into compelling visual stories. The book is part of Addison-Wesley’s Data & Analytics series.

Ritchie’s talk is now available on the Chariot Solutions site.